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Types of Charts


Column Charts

Column Chart

A column chart can render a very effective result when analyzing data of the same category on a defined scale. The column chart emphasizes high and low values. It helps to compare items.

The classic column chart is made of flat bars that simply illustrate maximal, minimal, and in-between values. One of the options allows you to create a 3-dimensional look of the chart and further accentuate the colors and/or other graphic effects. To enhance an effective analysis, you can create a real 3-D chart that shows data and graphics in perspective.

We are going to create a chart to shows us how often a particular container gets ordered. During data analysis, this type of chart can show management what type of container should be supplied more often.

Practical Learning: Creating a Column Chart

  1. From the resources that accompany our lessons, copy the Clarksville Ice Cream1 database and paste it in your Exercises folder

  2. Start Microsoft Access and open the Clarksville Ice Cream1 database. If necessary, click Queries in the Database window

  3. To create a new query, double-click Create Query In Design View.
    If you are using MS Access 97, in the Queries property page of the Database window, click the New button and, in the New Query dialog box, double-click Design View

  4. In the Show Table dialog box, double-click CustomersOrders followed by Containers and click the Close button

  5. In the Containers list, double-click Container

  6. To view the result, switch the query to Datasheet View

  7. Save the query as ContainerOrderFrequency and close it

  8. On the main menu, click Insert -> Form

  9. In the New Form dialog box, click Chart Wizard and, in the bottom combo box, select ContainerOrderFrequency

  10. Click OK

  11. In the first page of the Chart Wizard, in the Available Fields list, double-click Container to include it in the Fields For Chart list:

  12. Click Next

  13. In the second page of the Chart Wizard, click the chart in the 2nd column - 1st row 3-D Columnar Chart

  14. Click Next

  15. To take a glimpse at the chart, click the Preview Chart button

  16. Click Close and click Next

  17. Set the Title to Number of Containers Ordered and press Enter

  18. Save the form as chtContainersOrdered

  19. After viewing the chart, close the form

  20. Print the chtContainersOrdered form



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