Microsoft Access SQL Operators: BETWEEN



The BETWEEN operator is combined with the AND operator to get a list of records between two values. Its formula is:

WHERE FieldName BETWEEN Value1 AND Value2

The WHERE, BETWEEN, and AND operators are required. The FieldName must be one of the fields on the table. The first value represents the lowest (or highest) value in the range while the second value represents the highest (or lowest) value of the range.

To visually filter BETWEEN:

  • To use Filter By Form on a table, a query, or a form, after opening the list, click the combo box under a column and type the BETWEEN Value1 AND Value2 expression
  • To use a grid, use the Advanced Filter/Sort option from the Advanced button of the Ribbon. Select the column you want to use. In the Criteria box that corresponds to that column, type the BETWEEN Value1 AND Value2 expression.

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