MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Access 2007

  Structuring a Database
S1 Define data needs and types. Lesson 13
S2 Define and print table relationships Lesson 30
S3 Add, set, change, or remove primary keys Lesson 29
S4 Split databases Lesson 4
  Creating and Formatting Database Elements
C1 Create databases Lesson 2
C2 Create tables Lesson 2, 8
C3 Modify tables Lesson 2
C4 Create fields and modify field properties Lesson 13
C5 Create forms Lesson 3, 9
C6 Create reports Lesson 18, 19
C7 Modify the design of reports and forms Lesson 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 19
  Entering and Modifying Data
E1 Enter, edit, and delete records Lesson 3, 8
E2 Navigate among records Lesson 2, 9
E3 Find and replace data Lesson 3
E4 Attach documents to and detach from records Lesson 15
E5 Import data Lesson 4, 5
  Creating and Modifying Queries
M1 Create queries Lesson 20
M2 Modify queries Lesson 25
  Presenting and Sharing Data
P1 Sort data Lesson 21, 22
P2 Filter data Lesson 23
P3 Create and modify charts Lesson 26, 27
P4 Export data Lesson 4, 5
P5 Save database objects as other file types Lesson 5
P6 Print database objects Lesson 3
  Managing and Maintaining Databases
D1 Perform routine database operations Lesson 1
D2 Manage databases Lesson 1