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This is the site support for the C++ Fundamentals for Borland C++ Builder - 2nd Edition e-Book.

The Visual Component Library (VCL) is a set of functions and classes used to create applications. Although this library highly adheres to the C++ Standard, like any other compiler, Borland C++ Builder adds some details to its implementation of the C++ language. This ebook teaches not only the C++ language but especially prepares the reader to Windows application development the way it is done in the VCL. This ebook doesn't teach graphical Windows applications programming; rather, through console applications, it teaches C++ as the languages relates to the VCL.


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The screen shots on the book were taken from different versions of Microsoft Windows. This was done on purpose to let you know that the version you are using is not important as long as you have successfully installed Borland C++ Builder on your computer. Therefore, to follow the lessons on this ebook, you must have C++ Builder or the free Borland C++ compiler installed on your computer.


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