Fonts Available

Your computer uses three categories of fonts: Serif, Sans Serif, and Symbol/Graphics.
There are different means you can get fonts. When Microsoft Windows gets installed in your computer, it also installs a lot of fonts such as Arial, Courier New, and Webdings. You can also download fonts from the Internet, either from Microsoft web site or from other sites. When you install some graphics programs on your computer or other kinds of software products, they ship with fonts that you might want to install to expand your collection of fonts. If you are artistic and know the intricacies of pixel geometry, you can design and/or create your own fonts.

To see the available fonts stored in your computer, on the taskbar, click 
Start -> Settings -> Control Panel. Double-click Fonts.

To view what a font looks like, double-click one from the Fonts window. When you have finished with a font, click the Done button or press Esc.

A Serif font is made of fancy borders on the characters you type. Examples include:

Courier New: Notice the N
Garamond: Look at the m
Times New Roman: Examine the T

A Sans Serif font doesn't have these fancy ends on its characters:
Arial: You can see the difference on Y
Tahoma: This is another Sans Serif font
Verdana: Once more, the V is straight

The beauty of Symbol or Graphics fonts is their allowing you to display graphics without using graphics software. Some of these graphics fonts are:
Webdings Q e K ! @ l P <
Wingdings @$NJ"VF