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Compose The Letter Document

Once the source document has been prepared, you can create the main letter as the document to be sent to the intended audience, in this case the car customers.

The document you create here is structurally similar to a regular correspondence, except that you don't need to remember the recipients. You will be using fields created from the source document.

Once you are back in Microsoft Word, there is a new toolbar on your screen. The Mail Merge toolbar allows you to perform all kinds of operations related to mail merging. We will use the buttons one by one and as we move on, you will find out what each one is used for.

After designing the letter, you can substitute the recipient 's information by selecting the appropriate field using the Insert Merge Field button from the Mail Merge toolbar.

Practice: Create The Letter

  1. In the empty document, press Ctrl + E to center align the cursor

  2. Type College Park Auto Park

  3. Press Enter and type A Client/Service Alternative

  4. Press Enter five times

  5. On the main menu, click Insert -> Date And Time…

  6. From the Date And Time dialog, click the 3rd date. Make sure that the Update Automatically check box is checked.

    Date And Time

  7. Click OK

  8. Press Enter 4 times.

  9. Highlight the first line of text, College Park Auto Park

  10. On the main menu, click Format -> Font...

  11. From the Font dialog change the font to Garamond (if you don't have Garamond, select Georgia or Times New Roman) and Bold; change its size to 20. Click the Character Spacing property sheet. Change the Spacing combo box to Expanded By 1.2 pt. Click OK

  12. Select the 2nd line, A Client/Service Alternative

  13. Using the Font combo box on the Formatting toolbar, change its size to 14, Italic.

    Title Section

  14. ssd

  15. Press Ctrl + End to get to the end of the document

  16. On the Formatting toolbar, click the Align Left button.

  17. On the Mail Merge toolbar, click Insert Merge Field button Insert Merge Field and click Title

  18. Press Space

  19. On the Mail Merge toolbar, click Insert Merge Field -> FirstName

  20. Press Space. Click Insert Merge Field -> LastName and press Enter

  21. Click Insert Merge Field -> Address Enter

  22. Click Insert Merge Field -> City

  23. Type , and press Space

  24. Click Insert Merge Field -> State and press Space

  25. Click Insert Merge Field -> ZIPCode

  26. Press Enter 4 times

  27. Type Dear and press Space

  28. Click Insert Merge Field -> FirstName , Enter twice

  29. Type I hope your recent acquisition of the 

  30. Click Insert Merge Field -> Make and press Space

  31. Click Insert Merge Field -> Model and press Space

  32. Continue typing is satisfying your regular needs of a reliable car. As one of our most valuable customers, I would like to invite you to our one-day event this Saturday for a test drive of our new Swing Victoria. This car has received the best reviews of this year's market. As a

  33. Press Space

  34. Click Insert Merge Field -> JobTitle and press Space

  35. Type at and press Space

  36. Click Insert Merge Field -> Company

  37. Type , I believe that your company can benefit from the pleasure you will experience with this brand new offer.

  38. Press Enter twice

  39. Type I hope to see you this Saturday in our regular location.

  40. Press Enter 5 times

  41. On the main menu, click Insert -> AutoText -> Closing -> Sincerely,

  42. Press Enter 3 times

  43. Type Justine Maurice and press Enter

  44. Type Director of Sales, Chief Customer Representative and press Enter

  45. Type College Park Auto Park

  46. Right-click anywhere in the first big paragraph that starts with I hope your recent... and select Paragraph from the shortcut menu.

  47. In the Paragraph dialog, make sure you  are in the Indents And Spacing property sheet. Make sure the Alignment is set to Left. Click the Special combo box and select First Line. Set the By spin button to 1".


  48. Click OK. Check your letter to make sure it looks professional.

  49. On the main menu, click View -> Header And Footer

  50. From the Header And Footer toolbar, click Switch Between Header and Footer

  51. On the Formatting toolbar, click the Center button

  52. Type 8602 Baltimore Ave and press Space

  53. On the main menu, click Insert -> Symbol… Change the Font combo box to Monotype Sort. Click the symbol on 3rd column, 4th row and click Insert. Move the Insert dialog up or down to make sure you can see the lower section of the letter.

  54. Click on the right side of the new diamond in the footer section of the letter.

  55. Press Space and type College Park, MD 20707-3312

  56. Press Shift + Enter

  57. Type Phone (301) 726-4402 and press Space

  58. On the Insert dialog, double-click the same diamond symbol you added earlier, then close the Symbol dialog.

  59. Press Space and type Fax (301) 726-4412

  60. Select/highlight both lines of the footer section

  61. Press Ctrl + D which is a shortcut to call the Font dialog. Click the Font property sheet and change the font to Garamond, Regular, Size 10. Click the Character Spacing property sheet. Change the Spacing combo box to Expanded By 1.2 pt. Click OK

  62. While both lines in the Footer section are still selected, on the main menu, click Format -> Change Case… Make sure that the UPPERCASE radio button is selected and click OK.

    Letter Footer Section

    Now, our letter has been written.

  63. Save the letter as Sales Promotion Letter

  64. Make sure you select the C:\My Documents\Sales Contacts folder. Click Save.

  65. Read the letter.




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