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Mail Merge Tutorial



Explore The Document

Once the document has been created, you can check its behavior and accuracy by using the View Merged Data from the Mail Merge toolbar.

After you have inserted the fields, your document appears to be filled with unreadable characters although their meaning seems obvious. To read the letter in its real version, you should remove or toggle these characters.

View Merged Data The View Merged Data allows you to read your document more realistically. When you press it, it appears in a grayed state.
Last Record The First Record button will displays the very first record on the database.
Previous Record If you have at least one record behind, click the Previous record button.
Go To Record To jump to a particular record, click in the Go To Record text box, type a number and press Enter. The corresponding record will be displayed.
Next Record When navigating through the records, click the Next Record to get to the next.
Last Record Clicking the Last Record button will take you to the very last record in the database.

To navigate from one record to another, use the navigation button on the Mail Merge toolbar.


Practice: Review The Formatted Document

  1. On the Mail Merge toolbar, click the View Merged Data button. Notice that the << and >> signs are gone, now the letter more readable. Also notice the state of the View Merged Data button.

  2. Read the letter from top to bottom and review its style.

  3. Click the Next Record button. Check the name of the car make and model for the current customer.

  4. Click the Previous record button and notice that both customers letters display different cars.

  5. Navigate to other records by clicking the Next Record button a few times.


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