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MSVC Prerequisites

Knowing C++ is the primary prerequisite to programming in Visual C++. To understand what is going in MSVC classes and controls, you should/must the concepts of variables, classes, arrays, inheritance, pointers, etc.

This site serves as a prerequisite to Microsoft Visual C++. It allows you to know the programming environment, how to use it, what it provides, etc. If you are new to Visual C++, this should be your starting point.

C++ Site
Microsoft Visual C++ From FunctionX, Inc.
Win32 Tutorial
Lesson 1 - Introduction to Applications
Lesson 2- Messages and Events
Lesson 3- Frames Fundamentals
Lesson 4- Windows Resources
Lesson 5- The Document-View Architecture
Lesson 6- The Graphical Device Interface
Lesson 7- GDI Accessories and Tools- Colors
Lesson 8- GDI Accessories and Tools- Fonts
Lesson 9- GDI Accessories and Tools- Pens
Lesson 7- GDI Accessories and Tools - Brushes
Lesson 11- Bitmaps
Lesson 12- GDI Orientation and Transformations
Lesson 13- Characteristics of a Window's Frame
Lesson 14- Fundamentals of Windows Controls
Lesson 15- Dialog Boxes
Lesson 16- Forms
Lesson 17- Control Design
MFC Controls

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