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Status Date Listed Year Built Property Type Style Address City Location State ZIPCode Stories Bedrooms Bathrooms Condition Market Value Description
Available 08/15/2007 1988 Single Family Contemporary 8402 Pratt Lane Rockville Twinbrook MD 20856 2 3 2.5 Excellent 465580 This was one of the first two-story homes built-in the most traditional area of Rockville. Despite the ever crowding region, the house has kept its vas surrounding lawn always trimmed to the inch. All previous owners were obsessively maintenance-driven. As a result, the newly re-made floor, the walls, and the ceiling are in perfect condition.
Sold 2/24/2006 2004 Single Family Contemporary 7720 Rollingston Avenue Silver Spring White Oak MD 20904 3 5 3.5 Excellent 675880 This gorgeous house mixes a contemporary and a little bit of colonial design. The top floor contains 4 spacious bedrooms. The master bedrooms features a multi-function bathroom made of a Jacuzzi and two toilets. All bedrooms have a walk-in closet. At the entrance, an amusing chandelier greats you and an island kitchen appears on the other side.
Available 11/7/2007 1995 Townhouse Colonial 10442 Brickyard Blvd Arlington Arlington Cemetery VA 22211 4 4 3.5 Good 550665 In an effort to rejuvenate northern VA, especially the Arlington National Cemetery region, a series of townhouses were carefully designed and built-in in the area. The result is this unique four-story type of home in the DC-metro area. The very top floor has an attic complete for either living or storage. There are 3 bedrooms upstairs, including a master bedroom with a walking closet. The basement is completely finished and features a large apartment with everything necessary.
Available 5/12/1998 1984 Condominium Contemporary 514 Hutchinson Street NW Washington Georgetown DC 20008 1 1 1 Good 285775 Probably the shortest word to describe this condominium is "stunning". Located in the heart of colonial Georgetown, the  interior of this house is the most spacious you will ever see. This condo contains a bedroom, a living room, a dining room, and a large kitchen with cabinets on both sides. The hallway from the living room to the bedroom is filled with multi-level closets carefully painted to l} a a warm atmosphere.
Sold 10/08/2005 2002 Townhouse Victorian 7214 Oberlin Street Baltimore Towson MD 21252 3 3 2.5 Needs Repair 245985 The Victorian architecture of this Baltimorean townhouse makes it a delight. Built at a walking distance from the Towson mall and just a few miles from the I-695 beltway, this house is hard to compare.