Microsoft Visual C++/CLI Application Design
Microsoft Visual C++/CLI

C++/CLI is a computer language derived from C++ and that  targets the .NET Framework. Microsoft Vicrosoft Visual C++/CLI is a programming environment used to create graphical application using the C++/CLI language and the .NET Framework.

This is an electronic book (ebook) that shows how to create and design graphical applications for the Microsoft Windows family of applications. This ebook covers the .NET Framework library as it is used in Microsoft Visual Studio. It does not the C++ language or the MFC library. Both libraries are so huge we preferred to dedicate an ebook for each. Another goal of this ebook was to thoroughly cover the most regularly used Windows controls with real life examples. We didn't mention each control in one paragraph as it is sometimes done in some books. Instead, we made sure that we reviewed, explained, and applied each control, sometimes in its own lesson.

Table of Contents

01::Introduction to Microsoft Visual C++/CLI 2010 28::Introduction to File Processing
02::Introduction to Windows Programming 29::Files Operations
03::Introduction to Windows Controls 30::Drives and Their Directories
04::Characteristics of Windows Controls 31::Printing
05::Details on Controls Properties 32::The Data Grid View
06::Member Functions and Events of Windows Controls 33::Introduction to Arrays and Lists
07::The Forms of an Application 34::Overview of Collections
08::Introduction to Controls Containers 35::Serialization
09::Tab Controls and Tab Pages 36::The Combo Box
10::Introduction to Text-Based Controls 37::The List View
11::The Button Control 38::The List Box
12::Exception Handling 39::The Tree View
13::Introduction to Applications Graphics 40::Radio Buttons
14::Accessories for Drawing 41::Check Boxes
15::Introduction to Bitmaps 42::Checked List Boxes
16::Operations on Bitmaps 43::Other Text-Based Controls
17::Drawing Shapes 44::Spin Buttons
18::Drawing Curves 45::Track Bars and Scoll Bars
19::Introduction to Brushes 46::Progress-Based Controls
20::Texture and Gradient Brushes 47::The Month Calendar Control
21::Drawing Strings 48::The Date/Time Picker Control
22::Introduction to Applications Menus 48::Introduction to .NET Framework Collections
23::Visual Characteristics of Menu Items 50::Introduction to Built-In Collection Classes
24::Application Online Help 51::Dictionary-Based Collections
25::Toolbars & Status Bars 52::A Set as a Collection of Elements
26::SDI & MDI Applications 53::The Collection Class
27:: Accessories for File Processing 54::Linked Lists


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