Record Maintenance: Selecting Records


Selecting a Record

Before visually performing some operations on a table, you must first select one or more records. In the Table window, to select one record, position the mouse on the left button of the record and click:

Selecting a Record

Selecting Many Records

Instead of one, you can select more than one record at a time. To select a range of records, click the gray button of one of the records, press and hold Shift, then click the gray button of the record at the other extreme:

Selecting a Range of Records

To select some records at random, select one record, press and hold Ctrl, then click the gray button of each desired record:

Selecting Records at Random

Selecting all Records

To select all records of a table, you can click the gray button on the left of the first column:

Selecting all Records

Alternatively, you can first click a record header and press Ctrl + A.



Published on Thursday 03 January 2008


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