This section serves as an introduction to the Windows controls available from the Controls toolbox and other ActiveX controls. The reason is that, before using these controls in examples, you are supposed to be familiar with them. Although all MFC controls use classes based from CWnd, each one of them interpret some properties and implement some methods differently. normally, a good understanding of the CWnd class is (highly) necessary.

To get acquainted with a control, on the top of the left frame, click an area on Controls toolbox. At this time, not all controls have been introduced but we are updating the site regularly.

The lower Controls toolbox on the left frame uses objects from the Insert ActiveX Controls dialog box. Normally, to use such a control, right-click your dialog box or form and click Insert ActiveX Control. A list of controls would come up. Many of the controls work fine; some of them don't, even if they work in Visual Basic.



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