Lesson 1
Win32 Fundamentals
Lesson 2
Introduction to Resources
Lesson 3
List-Based Resources
Lesson 4
Dialog Boxes
Lesson 5
Messages and Events
Lesson 6
Object-Oriented Win32
Lesson 7
Anatomy of a Window
Lesson 8
Types of Windows

This site's goal is to provide a few lessons on Win32 programming. Keep in mind that everything you can do with Win32 using a C++ compiler, you can also do using Borland Delphi. This means that if Pascal is your primary or preferred language, you can write complete Win32 applications using Delphi instead of having to learn C++.
Windows Controls
Introduction Progress Bars
Combo Boxes Scroll Bars
List Boxes Date Time Picker
  Month Calendar
Wake Me Up
In this exercise, we create an application that behaves like a clock radio. We use an MCI function to play a CD when a set time has occurred.
Compound Interest
This small application shows how to calculate the compound interest of a saving.
Net Price Calculation
This small example shows how to perform a simple operation of calculating the amount of tax retrieved from a sale item and the net price sold.
Employee Payroll
This example calculates the amount of overtime worked by an employee of a company in a payroll simulation
Create a Popup Window
Create Menus
Call a Dialog Box From an SDI
Call One Dialog Box From Another
Create a Child Window Attached to a Frame
Create a Multiple Document Interface (MDI)

Lesson 9
Graphical Device Interface
Lesson 10
GDI Fundamental Shapes
Lesson 11
GDI Closed Shapes
Lesson 12
GDI Colors
Lesson 13
Lesson 14
GDI Tools: Fonts
Lesson 15
GDI Tools: Pens
Lesson 16
GDI Tools: Brushes

Game Tutorials: Although the main subject of the site is on game programming, the site offers tremendous examples on Win32 and C++ programming.

Reliable Software: This site provides an object-oriented approach to Windows programming
theForger's Win32 API Tutorial: Contains lessons on Win32

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