Mail Merge With Envelops



With Mail Merge, creating envelopes is made easy by using data from a created or existing data source.

If there is no existing source of data, you can create a new data source. On the other hand, if you or someone else has already created a data source, you can use its fields and insert them as information of envelopes.

Just like letters and labels, data you use when creating envelopes can come from any source including a text, a spreadsheet, a database, or a contact list. One feature you should configure is to add a return address.


Practical Learning Practical Learning: Creating Envelops

  1. Start Microsoft Word if necessary

  2. If necessary, create a data source

  3. If you have already created a data source, on the Mail Merge toolbar, click the Mail Merge Helper button.
    If you are processing a Mail Merge yet, on the main menu, click Tools -> Mail Merge...

  4. From the Mail Merge Helper dialog, click Create -> Envelopes...

  5. When you receive the dialog, click New Main Document.

  6. In the Data Source section, click Get Data -> Open Data Source...

  7. Locate the folder where the data source is located. In this case, it might be the C:\My Documents\Sales Contacts folder.

  8. From the list of files, select Valuable Car Customers and click Open.

  9. Click Set Up Main Document

  10. In the Envelope Options dialog, accept the envelope size 10 and click OK.

  11. In the Envelope Address dialog, click Insert Merge Field -> FirstName

  12. Press Space.

  13. Click Insert Merge Field -> LastName

  14. Press Enter. Click Insert Merge Field -> Address

  15. Press Enter.

  16. Click Insert Merge Field -> City

  17. Type , and press Space

  18. Click Insert Merge Field -> State and press Space

  19. Click Insert Merge Field -> ZIPCode

  20. Press Ctrl + Home to position the cursor to the left of FirstName

  21. Click Insert Postal Bar Code...

  22. Click Merge Field With ZIP Code combo box and select ZIPCode

  23. Click the Merge Field With Street Address combo box and select Address

  24. Click OK

  25. Click OK.

  26. Click Close.

  27. To view the merged envelopes, on the Mail Merge toolbar, click the View Merged Data button .

  28. Navigate through different envelopes to see the result


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