C++ Program Examples

These are a few small programs that illustrate various issues for beginning programmers


Example 1: This is the simplest program written in C++

Conditional Statements

Example1: This program calculates a price using if-else


Example 1: Passing arguments by value.
Example 2: Different techniques of passing arguments: by value, by reference, or as pointers.
Example 3: Program to calculate the Greatest Common Divisor
Example 4: Another program that calculates the Greatest Common Divisor.

Objects: Structures - Classes - Unions

Example 1: A simple class in various files
Example 2: This class creates a rectangular box and uses a constructor to initialize the dimensions
Example 3: An object as a function argument
Example 4: An object declared as an array
Example 5: An object as a member variable of another object.
Example 6: This example uses anonymous Objects, that is, objects that don't have a name
Example 7: This example shows to nest an object in another's body


Example 1: This example shows how to enter strings that are terminated only with the Carriage Return, allowing the user to enter a home address or a city name made of different worlds


Example 1: This illustrates a simple inheritance exercise using a sphere derived from a circle


Example 1: A list of regular C++ items such as integers, doubles, char, long, etc

Car Rental Application

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