Life in a Cubicle


Annoyances of a Cubicle

When having an office in a cubicle, an employee shares the environment, noises, and smells with those around. As a consequence, there are various ways cubicles become an annoyance that demonstrate the desperation of those who occupy them to endure such a working environment:

  • Music: Some people play (very) annoying music all day long, either from their favorite radio stations or from CDs that they bizarrely seem to enjoy. The fact that they like some type of music is not an indication that the neighbor shares their tastes in music. This can even be worse when culture is taken into consideration
  • Smell: Some people have to wear very heavily smelling perfume to hide their intoxicating body odor
  • Phone Conversation: There is no doubt that most people would like some level of privacy with regards to their personal conversation. Unfortunately, there are people who are naturally loud talking individuals. When on the phone, they canít help but to almost scream. Even if they would claim that they have nothing to hide, they donít consider that perhaps the person next cubicle is not interested to know whether Sean had already slept with Brenda or if they are tired of kissing their ugly wifeís smelling onion mouth. May be other people donít want to know if you have finally decided to take your daughter to see the dentist who will desperately try to rectify that ugly mouth with teeth separately by 3 inches of an empty space

In this environment, people end up imposing their behavior, tastes, and concepts to other people.

Aware of these annoyances, we can see that cubicles are left to those who must accept them. No manager, a person who makes decisions for a group of people, would accept to have his or her office in a cubicle with the common man.


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