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Java is a computer language created, developed, and promoted by Sun Microsystems. The language is derived from C++ (which itself emanated from C).

This web site provides lessons, topics, and resources on how to program in the Java computer language. To follow these lessons, you can use a Java compiler or an appropriate programming environment such as JBuilder or else. In our instructions, we use NetBeans, which you can download free from the Sun web site.


Java - Lessons Summary
Lesson 01: Introduction to Java
Lesson 02: Variables and Data Types
Lesson 03: Operators and Operands
Lesson 04: Introduction to Classes
Lesson 05: Using the Methods of a Class
Lesson 06: Introduction to Conditions
Lesson 07: Conditional Statements
Lesson 08: Compound Statements
Lesson 09: The Properties of a Class
Lesson 10: Inheritance
Lesson 11: Polymorphism and Abstraction
Lesson 12: Packages
Lesson 13: Introduction to Built-In Classes
Lesson 14: Introduction to Exception Handling
Lesson 15: Throwing to Exceptions
Lesson 16: Built-In Input/Output Classes
Lesson 17: Mathematics in Java
Lesson 18: Random Numbers
Lesson 19: Date and Time Values
Lesson 20: Introduction to Arrays
Lesson 21: Arrays and Classes
Lesson 22: Multidimensional Arrays
Lesson 24: File Processing

Example Applications

Finding a Palindrome (Using Iteration)
Finding a Palindrome (Using Recursion)
Iterating an ArrayList Variable

Visual Applications

Introduction to Graphical Applications
This is an introduction to creating a GUI application that uses a frame equipped with Windows controls that can handle their events.
Calculation of Factorials and Permutations

This application demonstrates the use of the button control of Microsoft Windows. It does this while calculating the factorial, the permutation, and the combinatorial.


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