The lessons on this site assume that you know C# but you don't need to know SQL (in Lesson 3, we will start introducing SQL as if you don't know it). To create the applications in our lessons, you will also need some additional libraries and a C# programming environment. Everything we will use in the lessons is freely available.

The .NET Framework

To create graphical applications of these lessons, you will need the .NET Framework. You can download it free from the http://www.asp.net web site. In most cases, it may already be installed in your computer. Otherwise, after downloading, you can following setup to install it.


TO develop graphical MySQL applications, you must first install MySQL, which you can freely download from the http://www.mysql.com web site. After downloading it, you should install it.

After installing MySQL, if you want to create .NET applications, you should install the MySQL Connector/Net driver that you can also download from the MySQL web site. Like that of MySQL, the installation of the MySQL Connector/Net is particularly easy.



If you are planning to create MS SQL Server databases, you can install either Microsoft SQL Server or the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE). Both are freely available from the http://www.microsoft.com web site. The freely available MS SQL Server is in its Developer version as a trial version while the MSDE is completely free.


To create Windows graphical applications, you will need a C# compiler. If had installed the full version of the .NET Framework, it includes a free C# compiler. The .NET Framework and the freely available C# compiler are enough to create any type of application but you would be compiling your application from the Command Prompt. If you want to work visually, then you will need a programming environment that can assist you. To continue with free software, we will use #develop that you can freely download.


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