Creating a Client Server Application



A client/server application is an application that uses a central place to store its values (or records) but is (or can be) accessed from one or more computers. It allows many people to use the same application. There are various types of client/server applications, including flat-file applications, databases, and web-based applications.

Just like there are various types of applications, there are also different techniques or means of creating them. For this example, we will use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to create a file-based applications (you could also use Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express, which is freely downloadable from the Microsoft web site).

Creating the Application

We will create a fictitious application used by a car rental company. It will have a list of customers who rent cars, a list of employees who can perform the transactions, and a list of cars to be rented. The records will be kept in different files. Some time to time, a customer will want to rent a car or a customer will bring back a car. This will be done as order processing.

As mentioned already, the records will be kept in files. All the files used in this application will be in a specific folder. As the network administrator, you should create thi folder before it can eb used. Because this is a networked folder, you should also share it.

For this application, we will use a folder named Bethesda Car Rental in the C: drive of a server named EXPRESSION. If you want to use a different folder, in our code, change that name.

To share the folder used in this application, after creating it, right-click it and click Share... In the combo box, select Everyone and click Add. Click the arrow button of Reader and click Contributor:

Sharing a Folder

 Click Share:


Click Done to close the dialog box.


Practical LearningPractical Learning: Starting the Application

  1. Copy the following pictures to any folder somewhere on your computer (this is simply an example of preparing the pictures of cars you would include in your application):
    Car Chevrolet Avalanche
    BMW: 335i Chevrolet Avalanche
    Mazda Miata
    Honda Accord Mazda Miata
    Chevrolet Aveo Ford E150XL
    Chevrolet Aveo Ford E150XL
    Buick LaCrosse Honda Civic
    Buick Lacrosse Honda Civic
    Ford F-150 Mazda Mazda5
    Ford F-150 Mazda Mazda5
    Volvo S40 Land Rover LR3
    Volvo S40 Land Rover LR3
  2. Start Microsoft Visual Studio
  3. To create a new application, on the main menu, click File -> New Project...
  4. If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio, in the left list, click Visual C#. In the middle list, click Windows Forms Application
  5. Change the name to BethesdaCarRental1
    New Project
  6. Click OK
  7. In the Solution Explorer, right-click Form1.cs and click Rename
  8. Type Central.cs and press Enter twice
  9. Design the form as follows:
    Control Text Name
    Button Customers &Rental Orders btnRentalOrders
    Button C&ars btnCars
    Button &Employees btnEmployees
    Button &Customers btnCustomers
    Button C&lose btnClose
  10. To save the project, on the Standard toolbar, click the Save All button

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