Microsoft Access Object Library:

Deleting a Column From a Table



To programmatically delete a column, call the Delete() method and pass it the name of the column. The syntax of this method is:

TableDef.Fields.Delete ColumnName

In this formula, replace ColumnName with the name of the column you want to delete. Here is an example:

Private Sub cmdModifyPersons_Click()
    Dim curDatabase As Object
    Dim tblCustomers As Object

    ' Get a reference to the current database
    Set curDatabase = CurrentDb
    ' Get a reference to a table named Customers
    Set tblCustomers = curDatabase.TableDefs("Customers")
    tblCustomers.Fields.Delete "DateHired"
End Sub

Before deleting a column, make sure it exists, otherwise, you would receive a 3265 error:

Error 3265

Even if the column exists, before deleting a column, make sure its table is closed. Otherwise, you would receive a 3211 error. You can check these issues using error handling.


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