Databases With the Microsoft Access Object Library



To open a database, you can call the OpenDatabase() method of the Workspace class. Its syntax is:

Public Function Workspace.OpenDatabase(ByVal Name As String, _
				       ByVal Options As Boolean, _
				       ByVal ReadOnly As Boolean, _
				       ByVal Connect As String) As Database

Only the first argument is required and it is passed as as string. You can pass the name of the database file with its extension. Here is an example:

Private Sub cmdOpenDatabase_Click()
    Dim dbExample As Database
    Rem Open the Example.accdb database and get a reference to it
    Set dbExample = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase("Example.accdb")
    . . . Use the dbExample database as you see fit

End Sub

When opening the database, you can lock it so that other people or applications cannot access it at the same time with you. To prevent other items (they are called processes) from accessing the database, pass a second argument as True. On the other hand, you may want to allow other people or applications to be able to access the same database. To specify this option, pass the second argument as False.

Like the second argument, the third is optional. If you are opening the database and want to do something on it, such as modifying it, pass the third argument as False. If you don't want to perform any modification action on the database, pass the third argument as True.

The fourth argument allows you to provide connection information.

While a database is being used, it consumes computer resources such as memory. After using it, you should close the database to free the resources it was using and make them available to other applications.

To provide the ability to close a database, the Database class is equipped with a method named Close. Its syntax is:


As you can see, this method does not take any argument. Before calling it, make sure you get a reference to the database to be closed. Here is an example:

Private Sub cmdCreateDatabase_Click()
    Dim dbExercise As Database
    Set dbExercise = CreateDatabase("Exercises1.accdb", dbLangGeneral)
End Sub

When calling this method, if you try to close a database that is currently closed, you would receive a 2467 error.


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