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Microsoft Visual C++ .NET Programming

This is an electronic book (ebook) that teaches the fundamentals of using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET which includes Microsoft Visual C++ .NET. This ebook covers only the .NET Framework library as it is used in MSVC. We don't cover or mention MFC. Both libraries are so huge we preferred to dedicate an ebook for each. Another goal of this ebook was to thoroughly cover the most regularly used Windows controls with real life examples. We didn't mention each control in one paragraph as it is sometimes done in some books. Instead, we made sure that we reviewed, explained, and applied it.

This ebook assumes that you know Managed C++, which is included as a supplement to the ebook.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Microsoft Visual C++ .NET
Rapid Application Development
Characteristics of Windows Controls
Delegates and Events
Methods, Events, and Custom Libraries
Fundamentals of GDI+
Drawing Shapes
Drawing With Brushes
Exception Handling
Application Online Help
Accessories for File Processing
File Processing
Introduction to the Form
Form and Dialog-Based Applications
Controls Containers
Accessory Controls
Text-Based Controls

Button-Based Controls

List-Based Controls
Date and Time-Based Controls
Track-Based Controls
Introduction to Databases
Data Binding and Navigation
Data Manipulations Techniques

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