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Visual C++ Spoiled in .NET

This site is dedicated to the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library.  Although the new version of Microsoft Visual C++ has been released (for a while already), since Visual C++ <= 6.0 and Visual C++ .Net >= 2002 are different, to reduce any confusion on both programming environments, we have decided to concentrate here only on MFC. Based on this, we created a separate site for Visual C++ .Net. This allows us to use only one library at a time. We believe this will be more convenient for the flow and assimilation of information.

Based on our current decision to fully support Visual C++, as you may have realized, we are also committed to updating this site on a regular basis with revised and up-to-date articles. We want to strongly point out that this site is meant to provide a complement to the vast majority of Visual C++ documentation as provided on the MSDN and other web sites. We will not and cannot rival such wonderful and dedicated sites such as codeguru, devcentral or codeproject. Rather, we want to use a different, easy-to-follow approach to complete them and make MFC a little easier to understand.

Meanwhile, enjoy...



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