Microsoft Visual C++/MFC File Processing: The Open With Dialog Box




In a typical computer, most file types are registered with known applications so the user can appropriately open a file. Sometimes the user may be in the presence of a file that no application is automatically configured to open. In some cases, the user can use the Open With dialog box to select an application to open the file.

To display the Open With dialog box, you can call the SHOpenWithDialog() function. Its syntax is:

HRESULT SHOpenWithDialog(
  __in_opt  HWND hwndParent,
  __in      const OPENASINFO *poainfo

Here is an example:

void CExerciseDlg::OnBnClickedOpenwithBtn()

    oai.pcszFile = L"C:\\Exercise\\Something.bmp";
    oai.pcszClass = NULL;
    oai.oaifInFlags = OAIF_ALLOW_REGISTRATION;

    SHOpenWithDialog(m_hWnd, &oai);

This would produce:

Open With




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