Extensible Markup Language
XML Tutorials

The extensible markup language, XML, is a language used to describe something, using meta tags, created in a document and saved as a regular text-based vile. The file can then be read and explored by any application for any necessary reason.

This web site is dedicated to XML.

FunctionX Tutorials
Lesson 01: Introduction to XML

This introduction defines XML, shows how to start an XML document, and how to save it as a file.

Lesson 02: The Elements of an XML Document

XML is essentially made of objects or items called elements, also called nodes. This lesson describes elements, including what they are made of.

Lesson 03: The Attributes of an XML Element

An attribute is a child of an element and offers nesting options to refine the definition of a node.

Lesson 04: Comments in an XML Document

As its name indicates, a  comment is used to add a non-processed sentence in an XML file.

Lesson 05: CDATA Elements

A CDATA is used to add XML code in a file but non intended to be processed as XML.


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