MS Access Fundamentals
Introduction to Microsoft Access
Introduction to Data Sheets
Intro to Forms and Reports
Database Fields On Sheet
Managing Data Fields
Data Fields on Forms and Reports
Data Field Design
Properties of Data Fields
Operators and Operands
Introduction to Data Types
Using Data Types
Introduction to Relationships
Managing Relationships
Referential Integrity
Introduction to Data Analysis
The Structured Query Language
Queries and Relationships
Exploring Data Analysis
Data Analysis With Charts
Formatting Charts
Action Queries
Data Maintenance, Import/Export
Tables and Queries Aesthetics
Characteristics of Forms
Windows Controls
Types of Forms
Introduction to Expressions
Controls and Expressions
Built-In Functions
Series-Based Functions
Domain-Based Functions
Business-Based Functions
Finance-Based Functions
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Microsoft Access is a development environment used to create computer databases for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. This site provides lessons, examples, and links on how to use and explore MS Access. We also provide some guidance on VBA, the programming language that ships with Microsoft Access.


An electronic version of this site with additional VBA materials, as an ebook, is available for purchase. You can sample the demo version or get the full version.

Sample Solved Exercises
Don't let any body hold your key to success. Grab it yourself! Georgetown Cleaning Services

This is a better version of the application of the same name referred to in the lessons. This time, we use the DateTimePicker control to help the user specify when the cleaning items and dropped and when they are expected.


This application simulates the calculation of overtime in a payroll simulation

Survey Creation

This exercise is an approach to creating a survey using (only what is available in) Microsoft Access. We also cover creating a sample (pie) chart.

Compound Interest

This is an example of calculating the interest accrued on a loan. The calculations are performed depending on an interest rate and the type of frequency (monthly, annually, etc).

Convenience Store

This exercise is inspired from watching how a convenience store is managed in a village or small town.

The Associates

This example examines a technique used in some communities to save money without involving a bank.

 Fearing to open your (too many) bills will not make them go away. Find a way to deal with them. You know, they ain't going nowhere! Pseudo-Variables
The Command Button Wizard
Order Entry Form
Tax Amount Calculation
Print an Invoice
Create Default Values
Add a New Record

This allows you to create a semi-independent form that a clerk can use to perform data entry 

Add New Item From a Combo Box
Pass Argument By Value
Call a Procedure
Update Many Records

Here are two examples of updating records. In one example, we update some records based on a criterion. In another example, we update all records of a particular column.

Scroll Bars
Progress Bar
Up Down
Exercises for this web site

These are databases you may need to follow lessons on this site. If an exercise is missing, please let me know.

 Annie's Carry Out 
Samples Databases

Some sample databases we work on some time to time. Some of them are not complete, meaning you can take over and correct them.
We have also included the sample databases that shipped with Microsoft Access 97 but that were not found in MS Access >= 2000

MOUS Topics

These are the same Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) topics you can find on the Microsoft certification web site. They allow us to check on this site what topics we have covered or forgotten.



These are projects that can help you build your experience. While I plan to work on them, I may not have time. Therefore, you can work on them yourself. If you are attending a class, your teacher can also help you with these.

Motor Vehicle Administration

US Senate: Develop a database of the USE Senate. All information is available on the web site.

US Senate1
US Senate2
US Senate3

English Premier League


Congress or National Assembly
 Tick Counter
 CD Publisher
 Color Changer
 Progressive Clock
Database Objects
 Letting work pile on your desk can be annoying to others and can be very distracting.

These are fundamental concepts you should know about databases in general and Microsoft Access in particular.

Tables Forms

Data Access Pages



Handy External Articles
How to Display Images in a Form or in a Report Without Storing the Images in a Table

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