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C# Lessons
:: Introduction to C#
:: Variables
:: Operators and Operands
:: Data Reading and Formatting
:: Introduction to Conditions
:: Conditional Statements
:: Formulating Expressions
:: The Members of the Main Class
:: Methods and their Parameters
:: Introduction to Classes
:: The Properties of a Class
:: Using Various Classes
:: Inheritance
:: Polymorphism and Abstraction
:: The .NET Framework Classes
:: Delegates and Events
:: Exception Handling
:: Introduction to Arrays
:: Techniques of Using Arrays
:: Arrays and Classes
:: C# Standards

C# (pronounced "c sharp") is a computer language used to create applications that allow a person to interact with the machine. This site provides lessons and topics on how to use that language. Because C# is not a programming environment, all lessons here are taught with the language in mind. All applications are compiled at the Command Prompt.

We have released our "C# Fundamentals" ebook. It contains updated material with step-by-step instructions and Practical Learning examples.

General Knowledge File Processing Collections
:: Introduction to Classes
:: Using a VB Function
:: Using a C++/CLI Library
:: Using a Win32 Function
:: Generics
> Introduction
> File Streams
> Details on File Processing
> File Information
> Operations on Files
:: Arrays
:: The ArrayList Class
:: Random Non-Repeating Numbers
Database Fundamentals ADO.NET With MSDE XML.NET
:: Introduction to Data Sets
:: Tables
:: Columns
:: Records
:: Data Relationships
:: Lessons Setup
:: Introduction to ADO.NET
:: SQL and ADO.NET
:: The Structure of a Table
:: Data Entry
:: Introduction to XML
:: Creating an XML File
:: Well-Formed XML
:: Using an XML File
:: Introduction to Elements
:: Operations on Elements
:: Introduction to Attributes
:: The Attributes of an Element
:: Characteristics of XML Nodes
C# Windows Programming
Introduction to C# Windows Programming
Introduction to Windows Controls
Characteristics of Windows Controls
Methods of Managing Windows Controls
Delegates and Events
Events of Windows Controls
.NET Framework
The Array Class
The ArrayList Class
Windows Examples
Progressive Clock
Record Navigation



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Examples Simple Class Array-Based Lists Passing Arguments to a Method Throwing an Exception
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  Linked List Jagged Arrays Nesting Conditional Statements Nesting Exceptions
  Interfaces The new Modifier Simple Inheritance Handling Multiple Exceptions
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