Life in a Cubicle



A new system of managing office space consists of creating sections called cubicles. Using a cubicle, a person works in a confined area delimited by short walls. Here is an example:

Trapped in a Cubicle

From http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/cubegoodies/722a/

To build a cubicle, small walls are dressed to mark the the would-be office. These seeming walls can also be converted into types of furniture to hold office accessories:

The Start of a Cubicle

A Cubicle's Wall Used as an Office Furniture

These would be walled are then attached to complete the walls and create the divisions, called partitions. They are made to create the sections called cubicles:

Illustration of Cubicles

Each employee or contractor is then assigned a cubicle where to conduct every day work. In some cases, more than one people can be assigned the same one cubicle and must share it.

Cubicle Configurations:





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