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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application used to perform financial calculations, statistical analysis, and other related operations. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 brought many enhancements to previous versions of the software, including the Ribbon, aesthetic aspects, and overall performance.

This site offers various lessons on how to use Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to create spreadsheets, perform calculations, and do data analysis.

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Spreadsheet Topics
Accompanying Exercises
Previous Version of this site (Microsoft Excel 2003 Lessons)
Georgetown Cleaning Services

This is a better version of the application of the same name referred to in the lessons. This time, we use the DateTimePicker control to help the user specify when the cleaning items are dropped and when they are expected.

College Park Auto Shop

This is an example of a spreadsheet that helps to process car repair orders.

Bethesda Car Rental

In this workbook, we simulate a car rental business, using a list of cars in a separate worksheet.

Net Price Calculation

This small example shows how to perform a simple operation of calculating the amount of tax retrieved from a sale item and the net price sold.

CD Publisher

This example simulates a small business that prints or publishes CDs for other small companies or individuals. It calculates the unit price of a CD based on the quantity ordered

Compound Interest

This is an example of calculating the interest accrued on a loan. The calculations are performed depending on an interest rate and the type of frequency (monthly, annually, etc).

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