Creating an Intranet in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (Installing a Web Server IIS 7)



A web server is a system that allows computers of a network to access the resources using a web browser or using web-formatted addresses. In Microsoft Windows networks, a web server is created using an application named Internet Information Services or IIS. In Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, the web server is available as IIS 7.5.

You can create a web server on a workstation or a server. If you want to install it on a workstation, it should be running Microsoft Windows 7.

Installing IIS

IIS is installed in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 as a role. To proceed:

  1. Click Start -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager
  2. In the left frame, right-click Roles and click Add Roles
  3. In the first page of the wizard, titled Before You Begin, read the text and click Next
  4. In the second page of the wizard, click the check box of Web Server (IIS)
    Web Server Installation
  5. Click Next
    Web Server Installation
  6. In the third page of the wizard, read the text and click Next
  7. In the fourth page of the wizard, click the check boxes of the options you want.
    If you click ASP.NET, you will be prompted to install additional components
    Additional Requirements
    In this case, click Add Required Role Services
    Web Server Installation
    Web Server Installation
  8. Click Next
    Web Server Installation
  9. Click Install. The installation will start. This may take a few minutes
    Web Server Installation
  10. When the installation is over, click Close

Using a Web Server

The most fundamental way to use a web server is to access it using a browser. This means that, to test a web server, start a browser. Set the web address (URL) to one of the following:

  • http://localhost
  • http://, followed by the name of the server (the name of the computer that is the server), followed by a period, folllowed by the domain name, a period, and its extension.



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