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:: C# Standards

C# (pronounced "C Sharp") is a language used to create computer applications that tell the machine what to do and when. In the various lessons on this web site, we study the C# language by creating console applications, which are text-based programs that display their results in a black or gray window.

The lessons on this site use step-by-step instructions with a patient detail-oriented approach, accentuated by various useful examples in every section. To make it easy to learn effectively, the lessons are organized in topics so you can lead to the particular part you are interested in.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you follow our below laid-out logical organization from the top-left side (Fundamentals) to the right and down.

To follow the lessons on this web site, you should have installed either Microsoft Visual C# 2005 (Express Edition (which is free) or Professional), Borland C# Builder, sharpdevelop (which is free), or another environment or compiler that uses C#.

This web site exists as an electronic book (ebook) titled "C# Practical Learning" and available for purchase.

Fundamentals Classes Conditionals
:: Introduction to C#
:: Variables
:: Code Organization
:: Data Reading and Formatting
:: Introduction to Classes
:: The Methods of a Class
:: Classes Combinations
:: Partial Implementation
:: Introduction
:: Conditional Statements
:: Conditional Switches
:: Counting and Looping
Structures Using Classes Properties
:: Introduction
:: bool
:: int
:: float
:: Dates
:: Times
:: Inheritance
:: Abstraction
:: Interfaces
:: Delegates
:: Events
:: The Properties of a Class
:: Introduction to Indexers
:: Indexers and Classes
File Processing Serialization Built-In Classes
:: Introduction
:: Details on File Processing
:: Files Operations
:: Binary
:: Details
:: Object
:: Random
Arrays Collections ADO
:: Introduction
:: Using Arrays
:: Arrays and Classes
:: Introduction
:: .NET Support
:: Intro to Built-In Classes
:: Generics
:: Introduction to ADO
:: Database Creation
:: Database Connection
:: The Tables of a Database
:: The Columns of a Table
:: The Records of a Table
:: Introduction
:: Data Tables
:: The Column of a Table
:: The Records of a Table
:: Records Management
:: Data Relationships
:: Console Data Display
:: Introduction to XML
:: XML Nodes
:: XML Elements Operations
:: The Attributes of an Element
:: Characteristics of XML Nodes
Topics Built-In Collection Classes Libraries
:: Strings
:: Recursion
:: Mathematics
:: The Main() Method
:: Exception Handling
:: Hashtable
:: Stack
:: Queue
:: Introduction
:: Using VB Functions
:: External Libraries (C++/CLI)
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Examples Recursion Factorial 1 Greatest Common Divisor
Factorial 2 Maximum of the Product of Two Numbers

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