.NET Graphics

Windows Forms Programming

01 - Introduction to Applications Graphics

Introductory concepts of device contexts, the graphics object, and the process of drawing.

02 - Introduction to Graphics Accessories

Introduction to colors, cursors, strings, and fonts.

03 - Geometric Accessories

Introduction to points, vectors, rectangles, and sizes, etc.

04 - Introduction to Drawing

Introduction to pens, Introduction to drawing strings, lines, polygons, ellipses, rectangles, arcs, curves.

05 - Introduction to Shapes

Introduction to drawing shapes: rectangles, squares, pies, arcsr, curves.

06 - Introduction to Brushes

Introduction to solid and gradient (linear and path) brushes.

07 - Introduction to Bitmaps

Designing, creating, and presenting a bitmap; including the characteristics of a bitmap (location, size, transparency)

08 - Image-Based Brushes

Introduction to hatched and texture brushes.

09 - Operations on Bitmaps

Bitmap operations include copying, scaling, mirroring, flipping, or rotating a picture.

10 - Introduction to Printing

Printing in .NET: the Print dialog box, printer and page settings, print-related events, etc.

11 - Setting Up and Previewing Printing

Characteristics of Printing: The Page Setup dialog box, the preview area, zooming, printing various pages, etc.


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