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C# Fundamentals

Introduction to C#
Variables and Data Types
Operators and Operands
Data Reading/Formatting
Introduction to Conditions
Conditional Statements
Formulating Expressions
Members of the Main Class
Methods and their Parameters
Introduction to Classes
The Properties of a Class
Classes Interactions

Visual C#

Introduction to MSVCS
MS Visual C# IDE
Fundamentals of Control Design
Common Characteristics of Windows Controls
Methods of Managing Windows Controls
Form and Dialog-Based Application
Controls Containers
Applications Resources


            Welcome to MS Visual C#

Microsoft Visual C# is a computer development environment designed to create various types of applications including desktop, database, and web-oriented programs. This site provides lessons and articles on how to use it. This site starts with the C# language and covers the Microsoft Visual C# programming environment. The various lessons and articles deal with C#, Windows Controls, File Processing, XML, ADO.NET, etc.

The materials on this site are organized in an electronic book (ebook) available for purchase.

Windows Controls

Browse For Folder Button Check Box Color Dialog Date Picker
Form Label Link Label List View Masked Edit Box
Month Calendar Multiline Text Box Numeric Up Down Page Setup Open File Dialog
Print Dialog Progress Bar Radio Buttons Rich Text Box Save File Dialog
Scroll Bar Text Box Time Picker Timer Track Bar
Tree View



File Processing


Application Online Help
Exception Handling
Controls Events
Overview of Streams
Binary Streaming
Character Streaming
The Array Class
The ArrayList Class
Introduction to the Data Set
Data Tables
Data Columns
Data Records
Data Relationships
Random Non-Repeating Numbers




Database Creation
ADO Fundamentals
Database Connection
The Tables of a Database
The Columns of a Table
The Records of a Table
Data Entry Assistance
Introduction to Recordsets
Introduction to SQL
Record Maintenance
Record Navigation
Record Navigation
Data Manipulations
Regular Data Binding
Combo Box Data Binding
Data Entry Using Controls
Data Entry Using a Data Row
Data Entry Using DataGridView
Introduction to XML
XML File Creation
XML Well-Formed
Using an XML File
Introduction to XML Elements
Operations on XML Elements
Introduction to Attributes
The Attributes of an XML Elements
Characteristics of XML Nodes


ADO.NET Stored Procedures


Creating a Stored Procedure
Arguments and Parameters
Data Entry


Line-Based Shapes
Circular Shapes
Introduction to Brushes
Solid Brushes
Hatch Brushes
Texture Brushes
Gradient Brushes



File Processing

Keeping Values in the Registry
File Information

This is an example of processing files using the FileInfo class.

Object Serialization

This is a technique of creating a class that can be serialized.


ADO.NET Topics


Regular Data Binding
Locating a Record
DataGrid Binding 1
DataGrid Binding 2
Combo Box Data Binding
Data Navigation
Using a Parameterized Query
Master/Detail Navigation
Using a Paradox Table
Implement a Login Dialog Box
Implement a Login Dialog Box




Windows Controls

Display fonts in a combo box



Update a File
Fill a Combo Box
Using a DataGrid


Multiple-Choice Question - Single Answers

This is an introduction to an approach of creating a multiple-choice question application

Multiple-Choice Question - Multiple Answers

This version combines single and multiple choice questions.

Pledge Distribution

This application uses three synchronized numeric up down controls to calculate the percentage of money allocated to each of three institutions.

Car Inventory

This example illustrates two things: how to use your own structure in a program and how to use a managed array of a structure (or a class) as a member variable of another structure or class.

Net Price Calculation

A simple example of calculating and displaying the price of an item

Color Changer

This example uses three track bars. When the user slides one of the track bars, the panel display an RGB color that is a combination of the value of each track bar.

Progressive Clock

Displays the time using (horizontal) progress bars

Tick Counter

With this application, you can find out how long a computer has been On or for how long an application has been running


In this example, we use radio buttons to perform simple operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Column Chart

This example draws a series of rectangles to produce a column chart. Then, it uses a SolidBrush value to fill the rectangles.

2-Column Chart

This is another example of drawing a column chart. The chart is doubled so the values of each category can be visually compared.









This example calculates the amount of overtime worked by an employee of a company in a payroll simulation

Georgetown Cleaning Services

This is an application that studies the characteristics of the Button control. It simulates processing orders for a dry cleaning store.

Compound Interest

The compound interest is a technique of calculating money owed on a loan depending on the frequency of calculating it.

Body Tag Formatter

This application creates a format for the HTML's body tag

Danilo Pizza

An example of processing order for a pizza business

CD Publisher

This application calculates the price of an order based on the quantity ordered.

Student Grade

This exercise is meant to apply the theories reviewed in file processing. It simulates taking the grades of a student and saving them to a file and being able to open them.

Department Store

This example applies the concepts of file processing to create a file-based database meant to create an inventory and process orders for a department store. 

XML-Based Applications
Music Store

This application applies the concepts reviewed for the DataSet class, the data tables, and the columns. To do this, it simulates a musical instrument store that sells items and saves them as XML.

College Park Auto-Parts

This is an application used to create an inventory and process orders for an auto parts store. The inventory and the orders are saved in XML files.

College Park Auto-Shop

In this exercise, we create an application that can be used by a car repair business. An employee creates a work order that includes the parts used to fix the car and the types of jobs performed. When the repair is complete, the user can save it to an XML file.

File Processing With XML

Saving a a record or file as an XML file

Data-Based Applications

Application/Process File Processing XML ADO.NET ASP.NET
Georgetown Cleaning Services View View SQL Server MS Access    
Bethesda Car Rental View   SQL Server 2005      
College Park Auto-Shop With Printing View SQL Data Reader      
College Park Auto-Parts   View        
Music Store   View        
Ice Cream   View        
Yugo National Bank     Time Sheet      
Watts A Loan            

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